About US

The concept of Tichum Creek Coffee Farm is based deep in the welcoming tradition of Italian hospitality.

When you drop in and meet Mario and Claudia Sorbello, you immediately notice their genuine warmth and it’s so easy to relax in their engaging company.

Mario Sorbello is from the second of four generations of an Italian family who were pioneer tobacco farmers on the Atherton Tablelands at Emerald Creek near Mareeba. The work was hard, and Mario’s mother would always prepare ‘smoko’ for the farm workers, carrying gallons of hot, sweet tea into the fields to the men. After a grueling 12 hour day however, it was time to relax and socialize and Mamma Sorbello would lovingly prepare delicious coffee to reward everyone for a job well done.

Tichum Creek Coffee Farm location

In 1991, Mario and his wife Claudia put their tobacco growing years behind them to start their new project, growing their Mareeba Coffee brand to produce ‘the best Australian coffee ever’ and to share the complete coffee story from seedling to tasting using their  freshly prepared coffee products.

Tichum Creek Coffee Farm is located between Kuranda and Mareeba (15km from Mareeba and 22km from Kuranda) and is opposite Davies Creek Road turnoff on the Kennedy Highway.  Drop in for the best drop of coffee en route!    Click here to see our map>>